Craig Hewitt and Ken Wallace, two guys with day jobs, busy families, and mortgages.

Real action, real struggles.

Craig Hewitt and Ken Wallace created The Nights & Weekends Podcast for you, because you’re not content working for someone else, you’re frustrated with that commute, and you’re fed up with your daily gig. You’ve got a family, a mortgage, responsibilities, so you can’t up and quit, but you CAN bootstrap your own business, on the side, with a little hard work and ingenuity — right now, right where you are.

Craig and Ken will show you how to launch viable bootstrapped web businesses with limited time and resources.

Each week, Craig and Ken challenge each other to make real, measurable progress on their new businesses.

About the Hosts

Craig Hewitt, Superman.
Ken Wallace, Purveyor of Fine Ideas.

Craig Hewitt is a husband and father of two, and a salesman by day. Let Craig show you the journey of a non-technical founder launching bootstrapped web businesses.

Ken Wallace is a husband and father of five (LOL… what?!), and by day a manager at a web development consultancy. Follow Ken’s journey and get the experience of launching bootstrapped web businesses from the perspective of a technical founder.

Craig and Ken are challenging each other to stop making excuses, cut through the hype, and launch real businesses that bring real value to real people.

Come Along for the Ride

Take heart, roll up your sleeves, grab a pen and paper, and — tonight, after the kids go to bed — get to work.

We’ve got work to do.

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