47: Customer Discovery and a New App

This week Ken and I are talking about a new project that I’m developing.  After the discussion last week about being a newbie programmer in training I’ve settled on an initial product to develop.

The app is going to be called Monsoon, and you can find it at monsoonapp.com.  While I’m sure the final product will be much different than this initial idea the space it’s going to be in is marketing analytics.  Initially this will be a tool to help you plan and prioritize your marketing efforts.

Inspired by a blog post by Josh Pigford of Baremetrics and the Traction book by Gabriel Weinberg this is something that I know is top of mind for a lot of folks.

Ken’s been busy on some new revisions to MasterMindJam, and also starting some customer discovery in the charter sailboat niche. This is a big industry and lots of different approaches he can take to finding a problem to solve. Customer discovery is always a fun, but challenging process, so it’ll be interesting to see where this leads.

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46: Mapping Our Future Plans

This week Ken and I do a bit of thinking about what we’re looking at with our businesses now that we both find ourselves with a little time on our hands.

One of the tools that Ken has been using is Poindexter to map out what a business model could look like down the road.  Pretty interesting tool to check out.

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45: New Directions (no, not the boy band!)

Just as quickly as some things start, they can also end.  The show today is all about a few of updates from us, a few new directions we’re taking in our businesses, and lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Nugget saw some fantastic growth in it’s initial launch, and was poised to grow quickly as a platform where entrepreneurs can come to find business problems to solve, but also to congregate to talk through what their business problems are, and hopefully how to solve them. After the launch Ken and his cofounder Justin found a few growing pains along the way as the business began to evolve.  A few important lessons came out of this:

  • Alignment of business/personal focus with your cofounder
  • Ensuring the business model is one you want to pursue long term
  • Beginning with the end in mind across all aspects of your business

Ken has chosen to step away from Nugget and let Justin run with things from here, and the lessons he learned were valuable and in the grand scheme of things rather painless.

He’s seeing MastermindJam continue to grow, and is looking at a few new ways to approach the business, and find ways to monetize it outside of the matchmaking service.

Craig is now settled(ish) in France and is able to finally start concentrating on work again.  The business has done well over the course of their first 2 weeks in the new house, which is a testament to the systems and processes that he put in place several months ago.  While it doesn’t pass the litmus test of taking 2 solid weeks away from the business, overall things are running pretty smoothly.

PodcastMotor continues to grow and every month Craig is fine tuning the way the business runs and the end product that customers are getting as a result.

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43: What’s the value of a business idea?

Welcome back! Since you last heard from us, Craig and his family have found themselves in Aix-en-Provence, France, and are absolutely loving it there.

Show topics:

  • Ken and Craig debate Ken’s newest side project, Nugget, that he’s been working on with co-founder Justin Vincent.
  • The importance of choosing the right place to settle down with your family, and what impacts those decisions.



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