Drive: Introducing The Drive

We have something a bit different for you today; a new segment in our podcast called “The Drive.”

Craig and I talked a lot about trying to shake up podcast show formats. Shaking things up helps us in a number of ways, and hopefully it keeps it interesting for you listeners.

Every so often, we’ll introduce you to a new show format that we’re experimenting with. It’s up to you to decide if it stays or goes.

So, here it is: The Drive.

Think of this segment as a reality show, for podcasts.

These will be real, candid, unscripted, and gritty. It won’t always make sense, but what it will do, is document the ups and downs, the highs and lows of our journey. We’ll give you a brief bit of context, then share the raw recording.

Remember back in 1999, The Blair Witch Project came out. If you Google that right, now, you’ll see the classic shot of the girl staring down into the camera — I mean, gross, the camera is looking up her snotty nose — but she’s crying, she scared. That’s really, to me, the compelling part of the movie, right? The actors take the camera, they look into it, they film whatever they have on their mind, with whatever emotions they’re dealing with, right then, right there.

That’s the mental image I want you to have, as you listen to these.
(I mean, hopefully things turn out better for us than those people in the movie).

An Audio Message in a Bottle

An audible selfie? Well… no, not really. More like: a message in a bottle. Yeah, that’s actually probably closer to the mark. We put together a quick note, we toss it out into the podcast listener ocean, and see if we get any responses back.

Different Format, Different Title

Episodes in this series will show up in our feed prefixed with “Drive” so hopefully it’ll be pretty clear what is our normal format, and what is this new impromptu format. In case you miss that signal, you can also identify these segments because you’ll hear the road noise or the coffeeshop sounds or a kid screaming in the background.

Go on. Have a listen.

When you’re done — or, when you’ve had enough — please let us know what you think.


Audio Edited using Audacity®; free, open source, and cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds using Mac, PC, or Linux.

Music is an excerpt from “Wavy Glass” by Podington Bear, via the Free Music Archive.