Ep 11: Concierge MVP to Mastermind Business

Welcome back to The Nights & Weekends Podcast, where Craig Hewitt & Ken Wallace are working hard to bootstrap real, viable businesses.


This Week

Craig gives an update on PodcastMotor, and walks us through how he’s had success outsourcing and delegating core tasks in his business.

Ken reflects on Microconf and goes into detail on the unexpected success of his concierge mastermind matching service that he offered to fellow attendees to help them form mastermind groups. This concierge minimum viable product (MVP) grew into Ken’s new business, MastermindJam.


Mentions in this episode:

If you’re looking for the easiest way to create great-looking sales funnels that are proven to convert: choose ClickFunnels.

Ken’s onboarding questionnaire for the concierge service — and, subsequently, for the current MastermindJam.com product — was built using TypeForm. Typeform lets you build beautiful online forms & surveys with great completion rates. Check it out for your project, and be sure to use coupon code “JARGGS0CCKX1” when upgrading to get 10% off for life!


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