Ep 12: Growing Pains

Welcome back to The Nights & Weekends Podcast, where Craig Hewitt & Ken Wallace are working hard to bootstrap real, viable businesses.

This week Ken and Craig talk through some of the hurdles they’re having to overcome as the businesses really start to get off the ground.  Growing pains are good, it’s a sign of forward progress, and not just stagnating around waiting for things to happen.

Craig talks through how he’s building out an inbound marketing plan and scaling his outbound sales efforts.  This is taking a fair bit of planning, organization, and teamwork from the group he’s putting together.  It’s quickly evident that you can’t do this together and that getting everyone on the same page is vital for a small business to succeed.

Ken is getting great traction with MastermindJam and is gearing up for the first batch of matches to go out to initial users.  This should happen this week!  A few technical setbacks along the way have taught some valuable lessons, but those are just small speed bumps along the path.  Nothing that we can’t overcome.

A new way to wrap up the show:  In the spirit of Gary Keller’s “One Thing” book, we each give the one thing that we’re going to accomplish this coming week that will move our business forward.

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