Ep 17: Updates, Challenges, and Overcoming Obstacles, OH MY

Welcome to Episode 17 of the Nights and Weekends Podcast.  Today we’re catching up on our businesses and sharing some of the doubts and struggles that we’re facing along the way.

The road to startup success is paved with much trepidation, and one of the hurdles that accompanies many new companies is growing quickly.  While this is a great problem to have, it is one that needs to be addressed strategically, and in a way that maintains the quality and predictability of a business run entirely by the founder.  PodcastMotor is facing this very fortunate challenge, and even though the business is very manageable at this point, Craig is very focused on optimizing the workflow and process automation.

Ken has been hard at work on MastermindJam ever since launching last week.  The initial launch has gone great, and most groups are already having their first meetings and extracting that expected value from this service.  Ken is realizing that the most important thing to the future success of MastermindJam is optimizing the “onboarding” experience for new groups and getting the to their first meetings.

We wrap up the show with highlighting The One Thing.  The single activity that will absolutely move our business to the next level.  For Craig it is coming up with a predictable and reliable system for managing the flow of a show amongst the contractors on our team.  For Ken it is getting a system in place for getting matched teams into their first mastermind meeting.

So here’s the question, what is The One Thing you’re going to do this week to take your business to the next level?  What step will you take to knock down those proverbial dominos in your business?  Share your focused goals in the show notes below.  We’ll share a few examples of challenges and solutions to your business in next week’s show.

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