Ep 18: Scaling with Style

Welcome to Episode 18 of the Nights and Weekends Podcast.  This week Craig and Ken are catching up on their businesses, and looking ahead a bit to the big picture of what those businesses could be at real scale.

PodcastMotor is growing quickly and Craig shares some of the recent new customers that he’s signed on.  With an extremely solid group of customers initially, he has leveraged that to bring on some even bigger and higher profile customers.  With these new customers the need for increasing the size of the team, creating concise processes and documentation, and systematizing the business are continuing to be important to the day to day running of the business.

This week Craig will be bringing on a full time 40-hour a week Virtual Assistant in the Philippines.  This is a find through Virtual Staff Finder, and the process has been silky smooth from his perspective thus far.  Now the hard part comes of doing process documentation and training, and pivoting his time and focus back to sales and marketing, instead of just running the business.

MastermindJam continues to grow, now with dozens of paying customers.  Now that more paying customers are coming on board Ken is continually tweaking the matching algorithm and fine tuning what the onboarding process looks like for new customers.  As this product evolves and Ken looks forward a bit questions of technology adoptions, pivoting into a bigger software product, and different avenues of growth are all coming to the forefront.  Stay tuned to this for how the business evolves over time.

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Takeaway For The Week:

We want to hear about your mastermind group.  Are you currently in a mastermind, how often, where and how do you meet?  What tools are you using to help keep your group accountable?  Leave a comment below or tweet at us @WeekendsPodcast.  We’ll be digging into Mastermind Best Practices next week.

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