Ep 20: Mastering the Mastermind

This week Ken and Craig catch up on their progress, but more importantly look at what’s really driving us to go down this journey as entrepreneurs and founders.  Focus on family, simplification, and prioritizing living the life you want instead of just growth, revenue, and startup success is really what is important.

If your business is stressing you out and you’re not giving your family and other bigger picture priorities the time they deserve then you need to take a step back and examine what’s really important.  Time with family, friends, taking care of yourself, and living intentionally is job #1.

In updates to our businesses, Craig had a big breakthrough on the direction of PodcastMotor this week during his mastermind group.  These ongoing conversations with a great group of like minded founders is really helping forge the vision of the future of the business.

Ken’s updates on MastermindJam include some realizations around the diversity of types of entrepreneurs that are interested in finding a mastermind.  Some founders are running businesses that are grossing $100k+/month.  This is a testimate to the power of mastermind groups, that founders this successful are still looking for a great source of improvement to their businesses.

Give us some feedback on these shorter episodes.  We’re looking to keep the shows to around 40 minutes and give you the listener a more concise, action packed view from our businesses.

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