Ep 21: The Benefits of a Little Perspective

This week Ken and I dig back into our businesses after a bit of a summer break.  It’s really great to have a bit of perspective after a few weeks off.  Now we’re back looking at our businesses in a whole new light, and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

Ken is just returning from a vacation in Minnesota into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW).  All of this time away being disconnected from technology has really honed in Ken’s perspective towards the businesses.

Now that he’s back in the grind, Ken is revisiting tasks on his list for MastermindJam and is trying to stay true to the One Thing mentality as set out by Gary Keller.  Keeping track of that one most important thing that will transform the rest of your ToDo list and business when done is paramount.

The biggest thing for Ken’s business is to rework the matching algorithm, which will allow for a quicker, better match for potential mastermind teams.  This will allow Ken to run the app without nearly as much oversight as he had before.

Craig is continuing to grow PodcastMotor and is scaling the team out nicely.  With the core competencies of the business covered well it’s on to rounding out some project managment tools and human resources to keep the process running smoothly.  Some of the time zone difficulties of a remote team are becoming apparent, and it’s taking some effort to overcome those at times.  With a focus on staying within a few time zones, Craig may look to South America his next contractor hire:  A Project Manager.

Along with the project manager may come a switch from Trello to Teamwork.  Stay tuned for the final verdict on this one…

Give us some feedback on these shorter episodes.  We’re looking to keep the shows to around 40 minutes and give you the listener a more concise, action packed view from our businesses.

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