26: Justin Vincent’s New Project

Welcome back to The Nights & Weekends Podcast, where Craig and Ken are working hard to bootstrap real businesses.

This week, Ken and Craig get a chance to have a candid mini-mastermind session with Techzing’s Justin Vincent. Justin talks in-depth about his steps to discover and validate his latest endeavor.


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3 thoughts on “26: Justin Vincent’s New Project”

  1. Hi,

    A good show. Nice to hear a different perspective on Justin’s project than a Jason roasting. Although that is fun too.

    Do you have links for automated voice transcription APIs?

    Twilio was mentioned and IBM.

    I am seeing $0.05 per minute for Twilio: https://www.twilio.com/voice/pricing

    What about IBM and the other less-good options?


  2. Hey Andrew,

    What Ken said ;)

    Except it’s $0.04/minute if you are doing phone quality calls and $0.02 if you are doing skype quality calls.

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