29: Email Marketing In-Depth with Josh Earl

Email marketing genius, copywriter, and programmer Josh Earl joins Ken and Craig for a candid discussion on email marketing techniques.

“If you’re wanting to reach out to influencers: sign up for people’s email lists, and then respond to their emails.”–@josh_earl

About Josh Earl

2015-10-27 01.27.37Josh is an expert email and direct response copywriter, email marketer, viral giveaways expert, programmer, and podcaster.

What others are saying about Josh Earl:

“Josh Earl is one of the few people that I’ve ever trusted to ghostwrite for me. It’s a demanding job because I have a reputation in the marketing world as the guy who writes the best emails in the business. Josh is a very thorough researcher. He gets the style and tone exactly right. He is ideal for speaking to an audience that pays close.”
—Perry Marshall, Google AdWords guru and author of the best-selling Definitive Guide to Google AdWords and 80/20 Sales & Marketing

“[Josh] has really impressed me with his ability to solve complex sales issues, and swoop in like a copywriting Batman and fix bad copy. We all get too close to our work and need that extra set of eyes, and Josh is a pair of eyes that I really trust. His email copywriting is super impressive. He’s got the rare ability to pack in a lot of valuable information in a conversational tone, and—here’s the really magic part—make you want to read more. It’s a rare gift.”
—Kevin Rogers, Multi-Million Dollar Copywriter and Founder, CopyChief.com

Show Outline

In this show, we discuss:

  • List Building
    • When is it actually worth it?
    • How do you know what you can expect to get out of your list?
    • Why would I need thousands on my list if I can only every have a handful of customers for my service business?
  • How to convert customers from a drip campaign
  • The value of a good welcome sequence: 8-10 touches within the first two weeks.
  • Don’t let customers forget why they signed up for your list.
  • How personal do you get in your email copy?
    • Keep it relevant
    • Tie it into a concise business lesson
    • Draw lessons to share from your everyday life
  • Useful frameworks/defaults for email copy
    • AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
    • Just write, then remove the first few sentences (like clearing your throat)
    • Have categories of emails handy:
    • Discretion as to when to use each framework. Sometimes, a long story isn’t the right way to go.
  • Don’t be afraid to charge early in the funnel
  • Find ways to contribute value to influencers (guest posts, etc); get your traffic from pre-qualified sources
  • How & why to craft an Email Marketing Strategy for more traditional, brick-and-mortar businesses
  • Don’t overlook direct mail for high value leads
  • High quality leads vs. high volumes of leads
  • If you’re wanting to reach out to influencers: sign up for people’s email lists, and then… RESPOND TO THEIR EMAILS.
  • Try Ben Settle‘s Repulsion Marketing



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