30: Doubling Down on What’s Working

When you find something that’s working, you have to go all-in on it.  No sense in fussing around with over optimizing things, just keep focusing on those things that are growing your business, and block out everything else.

For both Ken and I there are things in our businesses that are definitely working, or starting to show signs of working, and a lot of noise that’s distracting our time, mental focus, and emotional energy.  Figuring out a good way to monetize our businesses, optimizing for profit, and finally cashing in on some of this hard work are top of mind these days.

Getting into the knowledge product space is a potentially dangerous venture, and doing it in a way that keeps your reputation clean is vital.  There are lots of danger pits out there in this space, but at this point we both have developed expertise in the area.

MasterMindJam is looking for some ways to build out their user base beyond the organic reach they’ve gotten thus far.  This could be Facebook ads, partnerships with other membership sites, communities, and conferences.  This would change the trajectory of the app significantly.

PodcastMotor has seen some great PR of late, which has driven some crazy traffic to the site, and a handful of new customers to sign up.  It’s great to see the team be able to absorb this new rush of customers without having to add any new people to the team.  The shear volume of work that we’re doing these days is daunting at times, but along with that comes a bit of expectation setting on both ends.

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