Ep 33: Relaying Value through Price, and A Few New Tools

Ken is a marketing genius!  Revamping the pricing of MasterMind Jam has been a booming success.  All early indicators are pointing towards a pricing schedule that more reflects the different value that customers will expect has been really great.  No more does everyone pay the same price, now price is determined by company size/success, letting customers self-select into their own groups a bit.

Craig has been deep into the weeds of transitioning his new sites from Drupal to WP and using a great service called Fantasktic to do so.  They’re one of 2 migration services recommended by WPEngine, and have been fantastic.  Hopefully should be done this coming week and we can begin really doing some improvements to both sites.

PodcastMotor is continuing to grow as the end of the year has brought several new show signups, and the team is absorbing them well.  Having a full time project manager has proved essential at this point, and things absolutely could not go on without her.

Ken is looking at building up an Amazon site, with potential to spin into an FBA model soon.  Very exciting as there is a ton of opportunity in that world, and may offer a quick win relative to the slow ramp up that a lot of software businesses see.

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