34: Here’s What’s Great About Masterminds and Hookers

This week, Craig leads off with updates on PodcastMotor.

Craig next delves into the revenue model of the new travel content sites he’s acquired. Ad revenue plus affiliate marketing plus advanced audience segmentation equals success.

Design your business with the end in mind, and cater to customers that spend money.

Ken talks through traffic building and mastermind group tactics. Ken also shares how he’s been avoiding joining a mastermind group (the irony is not lost), and what he’s re-learning from his latest group.

Finally, Craig and Ken say thank you for over a hundred great episodes of Bootstrapped With Kids podcast, which recently posted their final episode.

Mentions in this show:

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Tim Ferris’ Podcast

Brennan Dunn’s Double Your Freelancing Rate Launch Strategy

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KingSumo’s GiveAways

Viral Giveaways Software for sale on FEInternational

Pat Flynn’s Smart Podcast Player

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Free copy of Russell Brunson’s book, Dotcom Secrets or get it on Amazon

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site5 Web Hosting

Will This Make The Boat Go Faster

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2 thoughts on “34: Here’s What’s Great About Masterminds and Hookers”

  1. A question I think was asked on this episode …
    Why listen to NAWP?

    (Similar to why I liked Bootstrapped with Kids)

    To follow both of your journeys – a journey I’m trying to make myself.

    It’s almost like entertainment with a sprinkling of advice, tips, education and motivation.

    Keep it up!

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