38: All This World Needs is More Traffic

Driving traffic to your site is the lifeblood of learning, growing, and optimizing your business. Without it you’re really just guessing at what works, what your customers want, and how viable your business really is.

Hot off the heels of a mention on Startups For the Rest of Us, Ken is looking to capitalize on some additional traffic to his site.  But will this boost in eyeballs be the thing that takes MastermindJam to a whole new level?  It’s a good reminder that traffic is really just the tool that we can use to test, optimize, validate, and improve upon our business.  Without visitors, and their opinions of your value proposition, nothing else really matters.

In the coming weeks we’re going to dig into some things that we’re both doing to drive more traffic to our sites, and how you might be able to implement some of those things too.

What traffic generation techniques and strategies have you used successfully?  We find that so many of them are one-time or have to be repeated often.  Building sustainable traffic generation strategies would be really great to incorporate into your business.

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