40: Live Recap from MicroConf 2016

Craig and Ken invite Dave Rodenbaugh from the Rogue Startups Podcast to recap another fantastic MicroConf in Las Vegas.

This episode was recorded in a live venue, so please pardon some background noise.

In this episode

This episode has two parts:

Segment 1 (approx. 35mins):
Dave, Craig, and Ken recapping MicroConf 2016

Segment 2 (approx. 15mins):
Dave, Craig, and Ken welcome special guests Scott Nixon of Happy Herbivore, Einar Vollset of AppAftercare, and acclaimed outreach consultant Kai Davis (Double Your AudiencePodcastOutreach) to discuss our takeaways from this MicroConf.

Links and mentions in this show


MicroConf Europe

MicroConf 2016 Speakers

MicroConf 2016 Speakers and Talks

Des Traynor, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Intercom:
Building & Scaling Products (Lessons Learned from 4 Years and 8,000 Customers)

Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Company:
An Unconventional Business: 10,000 Users, One-time Pricing, and a Two-Person Team

Steli Efti, Founder and CEO of Close.io, Hiten Shah, Founder of Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics:
Moderated Question + Answer with The Startup Chat

Patrick Campbell, CEO of Price Intelligently:
Lessons from the SaaS Metrics of 1500 companies

Rob Walling, Co-founder of Drip:
The Four Unfair Advantages for Faster SaaS Growth

Amir Khella, founder of Keynotopia:
Lessons Learned Growing Keynotopia from Zero to 50,000 Customers

Tracy Osborn, founder of Wedding Lovely:
From Funded to Self-Funded: The Story of WeddingLovely

Peter Coppinger, CEO and Founder of Teamwork.com:
The Developer CEO

Lars Lofgren, Director of Growth at I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Former Director of Growth at KISSmetrics:
The Three SaaS Growth Levers that Keep You From Plateauing

Attendee Talks

The 3 Tactics ConvertKit Used to Add $135,000+ in MRR Since Last MicroConf
by Nathan Barry, Founder of ConvertKit

How I Took a Productized Service from 0 to $30K MRR in 9 Months
by Brian Casel, founder of AudienceOps

Lessons Learned from a Year of Product Demos at Drip
by Anna Jacobsen, Customer Success Manager, Drip

Bootstrappers: How To Get Customers Efficiently With Podcast Tours
by Kai Davis

Lessons From Manually Onboarding Our First 50 Customers
by Ben Orenstein, co-founder of Briefs.fm

How We Generate 1,000+ Signups a Week for Our SaaS Business
by Christopher Gimmer, CEO of Snappa.io

We Grew from $5K MRR to $25K MRR in 12 Months & How You Can Too
by Dave Sims, Founder and CEO of Floify

Creative Twitter Marketing Automation (in 15 mins/week)
by Ryan Battles, co-founder of Harpoon

MicroConf Notes and Summary

Kai Davis took amazing notes, available at MicroConfRecap.com



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