48: The Importance of Staying Power in Growing Our Businesses

As a business grows and matures it experiences the eventuality of getting some of that “been around for a while” organic juice. Both Ken and I have seen this lately with MastermindJam and PodcastMotor.  More organic search, site traffic, and ‘cold’ customers coming to our site in the past couple of months, and the only thing to explain it is the slow grind of more content, more chatter in the community, and more reputation for Google to look at.

Both Ken and I have been working a lot lately about how to build PodcastMotor and MastermindJam in a way that compliments all of the work we’ve already done.  It’s tempting to look at the shiny object out there that’s a totally new field, but it’s much more difficult to make an impact in a new field, as opposed to just improving on your current app or market.

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