49: Traffic Cures All Ills

It all comes down to eyeballs sometimes.  Both Ken and I are finding ourselves in a situation where more traffic (and maybe a lot more traffic) will make business really perform better.  Going through the process of testing, evaluating, and implementing some of these traffic generation techniques will be exciting to follow along with in the coming months.

MastermindJam is going through a rehaul in the matching algorithm, onboarding, and mastermind automation that it provides.  With this Ken will need to drive a lot more traffic to the site to start getting the engine really purring.

Craig has started a new project, a Remote Jobs board that allows businesses with distributed workforces to hire remote designers, developers, marketers, and support team members, anywhere in the world. WorkRemotely.io is going to be a really fun project, but one that will need to grow it’s traffic by 10-20x.  No small feat indeed, but Craig is excited about learning some traffic generation techniques that he’s not had to utilize with PodcastMotor.