Episode 6: It’s All About The Niches, Baby

In this episode Ken and Craig catch up on their journey to entrepreneurial success and personal freedom.  After a tumultuous start to both of their first ideas we’re both hitting the ground with some new found success and focus.

Ken is getting ready for vacation like a true entrepreneur would:  preparing a series of landing pages, Reddit posts, and lead capture offers to test out 7 new ideas in 7 days.  This will be really interesting to dissect in a couple of weeks once the experiment has played out.

Craig got his first customer for PodcastMotor and is now looking at how to scale the business in a smart way.  In a productized services business unfortunately more business means more work, so we talk about how to do that strategically.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Amy Hoy’s 30×500 Course – Going on Safari

JewelBeat.com – Royalty Free music, all at $2.99 per song.

Bryan Harris (VideoFruit.com) – How to trick your wife into quitting your day job:

OPP (Other People’s Podcasts)

Ken – Spartan Up Podcast – all about the mindset of elite athletes from the founder of one of the most grueling endurance races around

Craig – Rainmaker.fm – CopyBlogger’s Podcast Network – The team who brought us Genesis is betting big on podcasting by bringing a series of new shows to this space.  Look for this to be a big hit in the startup arena.


Thanks to George Shumay from Germany for our first international review.  George, we really appreciate it.

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  1. Congratulations Craig! So re my comment on episode 4 – what do I know? Pursuing people with existing podcasts was a very good idea. I hope getting all that extra work done is going well.

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