Episode 7: Brendan Hufford on Scaling and Staying True to Your Values

This week it is my pleasure to welcome Brendan Hufford to the show as my guest co-host. While Ken is out and about on vacation this week Brendan and I throw around a lot of the same debates, questions, and tactics that we usually talk about on the show.

Brendan is founder of OK Kimonos, a Brazilian jiu jitsu e-commerce store, which he has been building and scaling out quite nicely for the past few years. At this point in his business growth Brendan is faced with a few decisions about what direction the business needs to go in to succeed.

We also talk a lot about Podcasting. Brendan is the host of the Entrepreneurs and Coffee podcast, which offers a 3 times per week release schedule (can you say maniacal!) and has featured guests such as Pat Flynn and Gary Vaynerchuk. This is a great podcast if you’re at all into the world of startups and entrepreneurism.

Brendan and I wrap the discussion with a really telling dialogue about building information products and doing so in an honest, reputable way that will enhance, and not detract from, our reputation. This can be a slipper slope for many online businesses, but I think that Brendan and I find great angles to do this successfully.

Brendan can be reached on email at [email protected] or on Twitter @brendanhufford.

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