Episode 4: Re-Evaluating Product-Market Fit

Welcome back to The Nights & Weekends Podcast, where we’re working hard to bootstrap real, viable businesses.

This Week

Craig gives an update on PodcastMotor. He received a lot of really positive but non-committal feedback from potential customers for the core of the product offering. It’s just a matter of solving the right problem for the right group of customers, and PodcastMotor doesn’t yet compel customers to part with dollars.

In Ken’s update, he’s pretty convinced he needs to leave the HIPAA Guide concept in the rearview mirror and get working on the next thing — whatever that might be. Ken’s customers are less DIY than expected, and don’t often seek out online sources for this kind of knowledge, preferring instead to trust in high priced consultants.

It’s really looking like both businesses will get scrapped. Hey, let’s scrap two reasonable-sounding, but dead-on-arrival business ideas and start from scratch. Yay! Fun!

Craig’s next steps will be to pursue publishing Amazon Kindle books, while Ken’s next steps are less clear. Ken is going to give his HIPAA business another week of customer development before leaving it in the bin.



Other People’s Podcasts (Are you down with OPP?)

Drive 1 with Ken: Stop Consuming, Start Producing

This is The Drive, a recurring segment on The Nights & Weekends Podcast.

On this Monday morning commute, Ken gets fired up and pissed off at himself for not staying focused.

Your new mantra: Stop consuming, start producing.


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Drive: Introducing The Drive

We have something a bit different for you today; a new segment in our podcast called “The Drive.”

Craig and I talked a lot about trying to shake up podcast show formats. Shaking things up helps us in a number of ways, and hopefully it keeps it interesting for you listeners.

Every so often, we’ll introduce you to a new show format that we’re experimenting with. It’s up to you to decide if it stays or goes.

So, here it is: The Drive.

Think of this segment as a reality show, for podcasts.

These will be real, candid, unscripted, and gritty. It won’t always make sense, but what it will do, is document the ups and downs, the highs and lows of our journey. We’ll give you a brief bit of context, then share the raw recording.

Remember back in 1999, The Blair Witch Project came out. If you Google that right, now, you’ll see the classic shot of the girl staring down into the camera — I mean, gross, the camera is looking up her snotty nose — but she’s crying, she scared. That’s really, to me, the compelling part of the movie, right? The actors take the camera, they look into it, they film whatever they have on their mind, with whatever emotions they’re dealing with, right then, right there.

That’s the mental image I want you to have, as you listen to these.
(I mean, hopefully things turn out better for us than those people in the movie).

An Audio Message in a Bottle

An audible selfie? Well… no, not really. More like: a message in a bottle. Yeah, that’s actually probably closer to the mark. We put together a quick note, we toss it out into the podcast listener ocean, and see if we get any responses back.

Different Format, Different Title

Episodes in this series will show up in our feed prefixed with “Drive” so hopefully it’ll be pretty clear what is our normal format, and what is this new impromptu format. In case you miss that signal, you can also identify these segments because you’ll hear the road noise or the coffeeshop sounds or a kid screaming in the background.

Go on. Have a listen.

When you’re done — or, when you’ve had enough — please let us know what you think.


Audio Edited using Audacity®; free, open source, and cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds using Mac, PC, or Linux.

Music is an excerpt from “Wavy Glass” by Podington Bear, via the Free Music Archive.

Episode 3: Your Customer Avatar

Welcome back to The Nights & Weekends Podcast with Craig Hewitt and Ken Wallace. This week we dive really, really deep into our businesses.

First, we parachute into Ken’s HIPAA guide business, and give some thought to every aspect, from the text on the book cover, to how to identify exactly who is the target customer (of the many possible) that Ken should focus on first. First is important here, because — Yes. — this product can have many different kinds of ideal customers, as a bootstrapper it’s important to decide which area to target first.

Next we dive deep into Craig’s done-for-you podcast production service, Podcastmotor.com, and try to decide how best to build authority for other value-add product offerings for this business. We compare and contrast his ideas with what we’re seeing in the market

WARNING: Long episode with a lot of things to ponder.


Topics and Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Goals for the end of February 2015

  • Craig: Paid Acquisition
  • Ken: Presell Book


Questions for Listeners

Do you develop an avatar to help you think about your target, ideal customer? If so, what are your methods for developing your customer avatars?

“It’s been 15 years since I started my company. I just don’t remember what it’s like anymore. […] I’m out of touch. If you want to know what it’s like to start a business, talk to someone who just successfully started one.” —Jason Fried, Basecamp, excerpted from Giving Less Advice


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Episode 2: Early Updates, Building Your Personal Brand, a Live Show, and Guest Interviews

This week Craig and Ken talk about early, strategic pivots that are going to move their businesses forward, bringing on guests for interviews and thoughts about building your personal brand online.

Show Topics

Progress updates

  • Podcast update
    • Feedback – If you have feedback on the show format, flow, style, just let us know. We’d love to hear from you.
    • Guests – If you have a guest you would like us to have on the show hit us up on Twitter or email us at [email protected]
  • Craig’s Updates:  book update, PodcastMotor, and Cedarcast
  • Ken’s Updates: HIPAA book, course, and consulting service.  BudgetPath and corporate version
  • Dropvox easy recording app for iOS that adds your recording directly to your Dropbox account.
  • Challenge Update – live show set for the week of March 2nd.  Details coming
  • Mental State vs. Mental Health
  • How to make an AAAC List – Avoid At All Cost


OPP (Other People’s Podcasts)

Podcasts episodes of note (from other shows we listen to).

  • In Episode 4 of Sherry Walling and Rob Walling’s Zen Founder podcast, Sherry brings us a fantastic interview about Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and ADD with Greg Baugues of Twilio.
  • Episode 48 of the Turning This Car Around podcast, entitled “Anal Vacuuming Technique.”
    Trust us, this episode is about kids doing chores, nothing kinky or nsfw.
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  • $100 MBA
  • The Gently Mad


Listener Question of the Week:
When you’re just starting out, should you build your brand on a personal site, or only on your domain authority site?
Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.

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