Episode 1: Early Progress and Goal Setting

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This week, Ken and Craig really dig into their assumptions about their startups. They question everything: their approach, their business models, and their plans moving forward.

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Photo by Fré Sonneveld courtesy of Unsplash used under their awesome license.

Episode 0: Let’s Get Started

Here we are, Craig Hewitt and Ken Wallace. We created The Nights & Weekends Podcast for you because you’re not content working for someone else, you’re frustrated with that commute, and you’re fed up with your daily gig. You’ve got a family, a mortgage — responsibilities, dammit — so you can’t up and quit, but you CAN bootstrap your own business, on the side, with a little hard work and ingenuity — right now, right where you are!

This week, we’re getting to know each other, setting goals and defining our path.

First podcast

  • Introductions
  • Craig’s background
  • Ken’s Background
  • Craig’s plan to Rob Walling’s Stairstep Approach to launch Kindle content (Flippa Buyers Guide).
  • Craig’s long-term goal to create a podcast marketing platform (Cedarcast)
  • Ken’s plan to Stairstep Approach an eBook, a Kindle book (HIPAA Guide for Developers)
  • Ken’s long-term goal to finish his Saas app for personal finance (Budgetpath).


Stuff mentioned in this episode


Goals for next week

  • Research feasibility of using Stickk.com to track our progress and keep us focused.
  • Finish N&WP website and show artwork
  • (Craig) Make progress on the Flippa Guide eBook.
  • (Ken) Make progress on the HIPAA Guide ebook.


Photo by Austin Ban (banbandesigns.com), courtesy of Unsplash

Show Music by Josh Woodward  used under Creative Commons license.
Effortless – Instrumental (For Intro) by Josh Woodward
Already There (For Outro) by Josh Woodward