Ep 22: The Tools We Use To Run Our Businesses

In this episode Craig and Ken talk about the tools they use to run their businesses.  From email management, to project management apps, to help desk software, these tools are essential to creating systems, processes, and scaleability that will absolutely be required to grow our businesses.

We also catch up on the latest developments in growing our businesses, and what exactly that means to each of us.  After a brief vacation over the summer, Ken and Craig dig back into their businesses, process improvement, and plans for the future.

Here is a comprehensive list of the tools that we’re both using in our businesses:

Ken’s Tool Recommendations:

Craig’s Tool Recommendations:

So what tools are you using to run your business?  There are countless products out there designed to make our lives as startup founders easier.  We’d love to hear from you with your recommendations.  Drop a comment below and we’ll mention you and your recommendation in the next show.

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